Our story

Our owners the sisters Marie and Annica Eklund

A love story

Villa La Madonna is owned by the sisters Marie and Annica Eklund, who also run the successful design company Bolon. Villa La Madonna has been in the family’s possession before and now Marie and Annica have taken over the ownership to offer a fantastic experience for all visitors in the beautiful Piemonte area. Marie herself sums it up neatly: “Villa La Madonna is way too special to keep private or secret – it’s a place which deserves to be shared.”

Helén and Mikael welcome you!

Our location managers Helén and Mikael, together with our whole fantastic team, will give you a warm welcome when you arrive at Villa La Madonna. The feeling you should get would be one of coming home, but with an exclusive being-away feel. We are here to make your stay a world class experience you won’t forget.

The Vineyard

In Piemonte you will find many vineyards of the same size as Villa La Madonna. The history behind our vineyard with stables (today’s studio and yoga room) begins already in the 17th century. In time wine-growing was started, the vines covering the grounds around the farm today. Only a few farms are protected by UNESCO, and Villa La Madonna is one of these in the Piemonte district. And it stands out a little extra because of its underground food cellar from the early 1600s where we now have our wine cellar. This makes us really proud of course.

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