The Villa La Madonna vineyard

Our wine

At Villa La Madonna we grow the grapes Barbera and Cabernet Sauvignon on the beautiful hills around the farm. These grapes have been chosen after detailed analyses of soil and location. The wine production is based on hundreds of years of traditions and is happening in cooperation with a reputed vineyard in the area. We produce approx. 6 000 bottles per year and the size of our vineyard is about .02 square kilometers.

Our wine cellar

Our wine cellar was built already in the 1600s and it is here our sommelier Josh presents our impressive collection of exclusive wine makers such as Gaja Aldo Conterno, Bruno Giacosa and Giacomo Conterno.

Here you will also find new less known jewels like Marco Capra and Marina Coppi – wines appearing quite frequently in our appreciated wine tastings.

Visit vineyards

To enhance your experience even more we arrange visits to local vineyards.

Whether you’re a knowledgeable wine expert or an enthusiastic amateur looking for new taste experiences, Villa La Madonna can meet all your needs.

Our sommelier

Villa La Madonna’s knowledgeable restaurant manager and sommelier Josh Eisenhauer, has a long experience from several Michelin-awarded restaurants in New York. Four years ago, love brought him to Piemonte, and before he landed at Villa La Madonna, he worked as a sommelier at two Michelin-awarded restaurants in the Barolo region.

Thanks to his knowledge and deep love of wines and his work, he can always find and recommend the perfect wines for passionate experts as well as for interested beginners.


It’s in Piemonte you will find two of the world’s most coveted and popular red wines – Barolo and Barbaresco.

These two giants may be international stars but are still just a small part of the region’s successful and appreciated wine production.

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In Piemonte local farmers cultivate a myriad of indigenous grapes from Barbera to Moscato or the lesser know Rucché and Nascetta,   Many grapes have been grown here for generations and are still farmed with traditional methods.

In combination with the region’s strong and appreciated gastronomic culture, the wine production makes Piemonte one of Europe’s most popular and celebrated food and wine destinations.

Alta Langa Spumante DOCG

150 years ago, as the first region in Italy, wine began to be produced according to the Champagne-method in Canelli, located approx. 15 minutes from Villa La Madonna. This was the beginning of a long tradition of Spumante production here in the Bormida Valley.

Alta Langa DOCG was created in the beginning of the 1980s and quickly became one of Piemonte’s fastest growing wine areas thanks to the favourable circumstances for production of grapes for sparkling wines.

When you are staying at Villa La Madonna, you must pay a visit to one of the Alta Langa producers or why not visit Contratto in Canelli where it all began back in 1867.

Loazzolo DOC

The history about the Moscato grape in Piemonte dates all the way back to Roman times. Moscato is the most common grape in Piemonte and absolutely the most important income for many farmers in the region.

When you talk about Moscato you often think about the lightly sparkled wine Moscato D’Asti or the sweet sparkling Asti Spumante.

But perhaps the most exciting wines based on the Moscato grapes come from the little village of Loazzolo, about ten minutes by car from Villa La Madonna. Loazzolo is home to Italy’s smallest DOC, where only the sweet Passito is allowed. We can help you book a visit to one of the vineyards in Loazzolo during your stay with us.

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