Renovation, sepia photo

Our story

Once upon a time…

Marie and Annica

A love story

Villa La Madonna is owned by sisters Marie and Annica Eklund, who is also running the successful design company, Bolon. Eklund’s love affair with Madonna began at the start of the century but it wasn’t until 2015 the sisters bought it and renovated it to be the place we all know now. Villa La Madonna is a passion project to start with and a true certificate that when a family comes together with support and love, great things happen. Today they are able to share that love for food, wine, and Piemonte with anyone who visits Villa La Madonna. Marie puts it like this: “Villa La Madonna is way too special to keep private or secret – it’s a place which deserves to be shared.”

Josh & Sara

Our location managers, together with our entire fantastic team, will give you a warm welcome when you arrive to Villa La Madonna. The feeling of coming home, but to your Italian home away from home, but with a luxe being-away feeling, if you know what we mean. We are here to make your stay a first-class experience you will never forget.

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