White Truffle

Experience a genuine truffle hunt in Piemonte


The white gold

During the months of October and November, the whole area takes a break from the seasonal winemaking and repoint their sight from the vines to the ground. This is also known as the Alba truffle season. One of the world’s most famous white truffles – one of the most exclusive delicacies in the world.

During our truffle weekend, you’ll get to experience all the greatest parts of this collective hunt. The leaves are shifting in red and yellow and the famous Piemontese fog creates almost a movie-like scenery. Together with our truffle hunters and their well-trained dogs, you get to come along on a truffle hunt, ending in a long lunch filled with wine, pasta – and hopefully white Alba truffles.

White Truffle package

Set table on a hill

Our 3-night package includes an exciting truffle hunt with dogs, wine and cheese tasting with famous local cheeses, and dinners with fresh truffles each night (too good, right?). It all takes place in a wonderful combination of nature experiences and the colorful wine hills that surrounds Villa La Madonna.

  • Breakfast each day
  • Dinner including 1 course with truffle each night
  • Cheesetasting with local cheese and selected wines
  • Long “Slow food” lunch incl. our house wine
  • Truffle hunting with dogs
  • Snack with “surprise” at our wine farmer after the hunt

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